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Tri-State Wilbert Vault sells a wide variety of beautiful, well crafted caskets to funeral professionals in the Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia Tri-state area.

Interior Color:
Exterior Color:

18 Gauge Steel: Gasketed

Amethyst 18 Gauge Brushed HJE1
Augustine Ebony
Velvet Interior
Augustine Metallic Blue
Velvet Interior
Augustine Orchid
Velvet Interior
Corintian - Bronze
Corintian - Metallic Blue
Corintian - Orchid
Corintian - Pewter
Corintian - White - Pink
Crystal Orchid HD05
Velvet Interior
Empress Rose 18 Gauge HB24
Velvet Interior
Eternal 18 Gauge HJ99
Going Home - All White
Going Home - Almond
Going Home - Bronze
Going Home - Light Blue
Going Home - Metallic Blue
Going Home - White - Pink
Heaven Has a New Angel - - Metallic Blue
Heaven Has a New Angel - Almond
Heaven Has a New Angel - Bronze
Heaven Has a New Angel - White
Homeward Going Home 18 Gauge HP57
Horizon - All White
Horizon - Almond
Horizon - Bronze
Horizon - Light Blue
Horizon - Metallic Blue
Horizon - Orchid
Horizon - White - Pink
Huntington Forest Green 18 Gauge HJEH
Velvet Interior
In God's Care - Almond
In God's Care - Light Blue
In God's Care - Orchid
In God's Care - White
In God's Care 18 Gauge HPM9
Indigo Silver 18 Gauge HA20
Velvet Interior
Journey White
Kessens White 18 Gauge 257884
Velvet Interior
Lilac Two-Tone 18 Gauge HJEK
Lincoln Blue 18 Gauge 26
Velvet Interior
Lincoln Silver 18 Gauge 26 HF37
Velvet Interior
Lord's Prayer Almond
Lord's Prayer Bronze
Lord's Prayer Metallic Blue
Marsala A - White 18 Gauge HA29
Velvet Interior
Matriarch Orchid
Matriarch White
Mother Orchid 18 ga HP09
Mother's Rose - Orchid
Mother's Rose - White
Motion 18 Gauge HJE7
Normandy Black 18 Gauge 26
Velvet Interior
Patriarch Metallic Blue
Patriarch Pewter
Patriot - Light Blue
Patriot - Metallic Blue
Patriot - Pewter
Pearl Rose - Orchid
Pearl Rose - White
Praying Hands - Almond
Praying Hands - Bronze
Praying Hands - White - Pink
Praying Hands - White - White
Praying Hands Metallic Blue
Rosalyn Pink 18 Gauge HPC9
Summit - Almond
Summit - Bronze
Summit - Light Blue
Vine & Roses - Orchid

Engineered Wood: Non-Gasketed

Estate 26
Velvet Interior